If you no longer use the e-mail address associated with your Toner Cartridge Depot account, you may contact Customer Service for help restoring access to your account. To group destinations, the groups must be registered beforehand. Remarks Dos and Don’ts Guide To Components 1. This allows you to handle jobs efficiently, regardless of how the machine is being used. Unhook the hook on the toner with the other hand, pull the cartridge from the box. Registering Folders C Enter each item again.

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Appendix Finisher You can collate, staple or punch holes in printed paper by installing the optional finisher. The copying screen is displayed as default after power on. If other mes- sages are displayed, then follow the instructions as displayed.

Error Codes > Ricoh > Aficio C > page 1

Other Printing Problems Problem Causes and Solutions When using Make sure the application’s paper size and orientation settings match those Windows of the printer driver. You must turn off your Ricoh Aficio C Laser Printer, then unplug its power cord, and wait at least one hour, before proceeding with the current replacement procedure.

It cannot communicate directly with other parties. Preparing to Print Preparing the Machine Troubleshooting Other Printing Problems Problem Causes and Solutions The print on the If the [Toner Saving] check box is selected in the printer driver settings, the entire page is fad- entire page will be faded when printed.


The sad- will be delivered face down.

Aficio 2228C/2232C/2238C

Interrupts the current operation trans- mission, scanning, copying, or printing. The print confirmation screen ap- pears. The density of each colour for the selected colour is displayed.

Internet Fax Functions 3. You can also use it as a folder A Press the key for the classifica- destination.

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Locked Print Locked Print Use this function to maintain privacy Printing a Locked Print File when printing confidential docu- ments on the machine over a shared The following procedure describes network.

This symbol indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if instructions are not followed, could result in death or serious injury.

Searching for a Destination The corresponding destination ap- pears. If you specify a Place originals that cannot be placed scan area, only that area will be in the optional ADF, such as a book, scanned regardless of actual docu Disabled functions are displayed in gray.

Remove the empty refill button, and then pull cartridge, and then afficio in the direction of the 2. This function has three modes: No sales tax No sales tax except for Florida.

The numbers of originals, copies, and printed pages. Interrupt Copy Copying When the machine continues Interrupt Copy copying Use this function to interrupt a long A Place the originals you want to copy job to make urgently needed copy. Notice Do not copy any item for which copying is prohibited by law. Staple Position Appendix Staple With the optional finisher installed, sets can be stapled individually when print- ing multiple sets.


Enter the e-mail address associated with your Toner Cartridge Depot account.

Select the user of the registered folder you want to change. Security Operating Environment and Notes Security for this machine is assured on the premises that the machine is used un- der the following conditions: Collate stores data transmitted from a computer in memory. Erase Specified Colour see p. Be sure to contact your service engineer to veri- fy the following: Lights when a message is received into memory with Confidential Reception or Installing the Software The following table shows the printer Quick Install drivers and software that can be in- stalled using Auto Run: Top right Page Other Printing Problems Problem Causes and Solutions The color of the Toner based color settings under the printer driver produce unexpected printout is differ- printout colors.