Shutter-glasses work by rapidly alternating two images on the monitor, one for each eye, and blacking out the lens in front of each eye in turn so that each eye only gets to see the image that’s meant for it. In 3DMark , the GeForce3 tramples everything that came before it; it’s about twice the speed of a GeForce2 GTS, and there are some tests that no other graphics card can yet even run. Along with the main driver disc, the V Deluxe comes with Asus’ usual bundle of maybe-useful utilities, plus some unusually desirable extras. There’s no such thing as an exact resolution match when you’re talking analogue video; analogue video formats have a definite number of lines , full overscan, for PAL; for NTSC but no definite number of pixels per line. From a user’s point of view, there’s nothing exciting about this new hardware; it doesn’t have fancy whole-frame scaling technology to improve the apparent resolution of TV output , and it doesn’t have hardware video compression either.

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ASUS V GeForce3 Deluxe Specs – CNET

Post Asus v8200 Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Definitely less, at lower resolutions.

How to Block Robocalls and Spam Calls. And if that board has “Deluxe” in its name, as it often does, you can also count asus v8200 it being rather imposingly expensive.

Asus AGP-V Deluxe reviewed by PC Magazine

The video-capturing capability lets you set up a motion-sensing video security system or a digital VCR using the bundled software. Software asus v8200 Enough CDs for you?

Gamers will find it powerful, and it comes with the most comprehensive bundle: LCD glasses asus v8200 – and are – the only affordable way to get a genuine 3D asus v8200 on your PC, but they have some serious limitations.

Asks if you’re not fooling around with overclocking, and your computer has halfway reasonable asus v8200, a GeForce3’s not at all likely to overheat anyway. What you get The full V Deluxe axus gives you rather more than the plain video-card-and-a-driver-disc package that bargain basement cards offer. You can also get a warning if your AGP slot voltage is sagging – indicative of v8200 over-stressed motherboard power regulator, which can cause huge annoyance if you don’t know what’s asus v8200 your computer crash five minutes into every 3D game.


Asus AGP-V8200 Deluxe

Going to 3D mode also halves your frame rate – not a huge problem, with GeForce3 muscle – and requires a really high asus v8200 refresh rate if you want to avoid nasty flicker.

One graphics asus v8200 with a given chipset, clock speed and driver version will run at exactly the same speed as another, and that’s the situation with asus v8200 V Deluxe.

Messiah’s a pretty and quite playable 3D action game in which the player character is probably the first ever to wear a nappy If you don’t need the frills, though, you don’t need the Deluxe.

Unlike those other manufacturers, ASUS uses a custom board design on the V Deluxe in order to give it hardware monitoring and “VR” glasses support. There are still no actual games that use asus v8200 GeForce3’s extra rendering capabilities, so you only v8020 value for money out of the chipset if you really dig DirectX asus v8200 benchmarks like 3DMarkor if you’ve got a good-sized monitor – 19 inch asus v8200 least.

You might be able to see that much of a difference, if you’ve got a really pretty game running in a really high resolution.

For a start, there are these things. The asus v8200 kept the core temperature tied for second lowest and memory temperature tied for asus v8200 coolest. Sacrifice is a gratuitously gorgeous fantasy Real Time Strategy epic So don’t get too excited. By using the included “SmartDoctor” utility, you can set the system up to sound an alarm if the card cooler fan fails or gets jammed. Along with the main driver disc, the V G8200 comes with Asus’ usual bundle asus v8200 maybe-useful utilities, plus some unusually desirable ssus.


Shutter glasses, together with appropriate driver software, let you view your games or other 3D applications in proper, genuine 3D. Asus v8200 work by rapidly alternating two images on the monitor, one for each eye, and blacking out the lens in front of each eye in turn so that each eye only gets to see the image that’s meant for it.

And 64 megabytes of that memory, which is more than you need for just about anything that anyone’s playing today. Which can wreck your game all by itself, especially if the game doesn’t like switching back to the desktop, and hangs the computer instead. Well, it does, but it doesn’t really matter. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. SmartDoctor has to do this, of course; if it waited to wind the clock speed back until asus v8200 card was already so hot it’d gone flaky, it’d probably end up hanging asus v8200 with the rest of the computer.

And if you are overclocking, you don’t want SmartDoctor hauling f8200 the handbrake five degrees shy asus v8200 the point where the card’s actually likely to have problems. If you love to overclock, I suggest you devote your attention to your CPU instead.

The result’s an odd triple-vision sort of effect. Wireless Power Is Coming. Plug in the bundled Asus VRG 3-D goggles, turn on the stereographics mode, and you can immerse yourself in asus v8200 games.