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I currently have 4 homeplugs bewwn want to increase Internet speed by putting in an ethernet cable around the house from the router to a new ethernet switch that will also be connected to a homeplug. I would suspect it is your main connection to the office. I guess it depends on how far apart they already are and the state of the home wiring. Please check if there are AC power adapters, such as those used for mobile phones, laptops or something else around the adapters.

This means that adding adapters to an existing network is easy as the new adapters have the same NMK as the ones already on the network. My pc got on line but no my DVD. Please move such equipment to another location if possible, or move powerline adapters away from such equipment. I co[ied this from a descriptipn of a switcher on Amazon Note: Thank you for any advice you can give.


Would newan the adaptors to something like these ones that advertise a faster speed ….

Does the homeplug programming determine which is quickest route to the router? See Wiki- for more detail. Homplug adapters need a partner i.

Please check whether your powerline adapters are plugged directly into a wall outlet. You should receive a DVD with your adapter containing software that you can use to mange your powerline adapters.

What can I do if my powerline rate is very low?

Thanks for this Steve. Hi Some extenders let you do that but the client my not like it see https: Bewan powerline e85 driver by Freda 4.

Take a look at this forum discussion http: You might find this article interesting it cover wi-fi powerlins in more detail https: To make it possible you would need to connect one of the homeplugs in each pair to a switch. Note this is not the same as the NMK. Will Wall Adaptor Sockets like a plug-in double or triple plug work any better?

Duo network & connection computers accessories Algeria

Skip to content Instead of running new Bbewan cables to connect your devices to your home network then why not use your existing electrical power cables? This will give me 2 homeplugs connected directly to the router.


The smallest is 4 port. You may also buy a surge protector and plug such equipments to its outlets to avoid any interference they may cause. I assume the BT extender connects via ethernet to the router. Moving the laptop nearer the router implies it is wi-fi? If you join into this connection with other homeplugs they all then share the same logical connection.

Powerline Networking Guide -How To Setup HomePlug Adapters

Coexist means that they do not interfere with each other when plugged into the same mains wiring system. The basic idea is that you put one of the adapters in a receptive mode where it listens for another adapter trying to establish a connection.

In fact, the Logitech Powerline Utility http: Please note that cannot hewan using two cables at the same time You need to get a small switch. You then do the same with the other adapter. However you could pair two homeplugs 1 and 2 and then pair the other two homeplugs 3 and 4 and this would give you two logical connections.