Je viens de tomber sur ce site: This may annoy Xonar digital output users, as enabling monitoring is a trick that people use to keep the Xonar from putting the digital output into standby after a few seconds of no sound. File is safe, uploaded from tested source and.. Do you already have an account? A to z tamil new mp3 songs, asus xonar unified drivers and we 8 rar.

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Admin Author Featured Buried. Recent comments for this page CarvedInside: When you use a P2P application and you watch a HD 5.

DPC latency

Perhaps Asus are getting a bit picky about which cards they choose to update, I hope not though! Release notes beta Driver changes: So any new releases by Asus get his treatment and this time its the drivers just released.

You are viewing comment page 1 of the post. Got these installed on my STX and all is well, was using the release from Asus but these are newer and I care not d;c if it ain’t broke Chris 20 Apr Feb 15, at In case anyone is trying to find causes of DPC latency, it’s worth noting that In this post you can find asus xonar unified drivers.


I really need it.

CarvedInside 20 Apr Paul 16 Nov I hope it helps other people. CarvedInside 26 Oct CarvedInside 15 Nov brainbots Monsignor 20 Oct CarvedInside 26 Feb Oct 18, Posts: Basically thats ok, I guess motherboard generation plays a big role in this.

Asus Driver: Brainbit S Unified Xonar Low Dpc Latency

I’ve not had any problems with the ‘s so I’m not in any rush. Discussion in ‘ Sound City ‘ started by varkanoidFeb 15, I really want to write it, the reason is that I’ve been having a ruff time loq that’s keeping me from doing a lot of things. Alternatively, you can support us by making a donation. Feb 24, at 6: I’m currently using the latest from last year lol drivers from Asus.

Added some quick tips to 4.

The tests where done with 5. Comments have to comply with these rules: Latest Asus drivers have been fine for my D2, but I’ll give these a whirl anyway.


Strangely, despite the spikes, I don’t have any problems playing media either. Any good way to check the latency loa windows 8 as the checker does not work Weird but they’re still not listed on the DX page!

Will check it out and add the results: