In our highly subjective, very non-scientific tests, it took close to half an hour to write a gigabyte of data. Currently ranging from 13 GB to 60 GB or more in size, these drives excel at storing huge amounts of data in a compact, handy package. Unlike some other removable “hard drives” the BUSlink is an actual IDE device just like the drive inside most computers. Answered 8 hours ago. At least, not when it involves things like word-processing, graphic file creation, list management, photo storage, spreadsheets, financial records, and all that sort of thing.

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Buslink L40 40 GB External USB Hard Drive by BUSLINK

The drive is ready to go to work. We don’t know of anything that’s even close. Not finding what you are looking for? We take a closer look at more featured products: Top of computer section Enter your new password in the second and third fields. Answered 6 hours ago.


An obvious use for this nifty little device is maintaining backups. Then change it and log in If you have any questions then please dont hesitate to ask. This means you can attach it and detach it any time, without rebooting your computer.

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BUSlink has equipped it with a USB interface and separate power supply, making it external, portable, and easy to connect or disconnect with no need to open your computer’s case. Posted 3 hours ago Be the first to answer.

Recent Popular Answered Unanswered. The drive is fast enough, in fact, to use as a working hard drive. Answered on Oct 27, Although progress has been spectacular, dealing with “bugs” and incompatibilities remains a part of dealing with PC’s in general.

Looking for this item? Want to make your own? This in itself is a task of astronomical proportions.

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Posted on Sep 10, Be the first to answer. In our highly subjective, very non-scientific tests, it took close to half an hour to write a gigabyte of data.


And that’s where it can get sticky. Although the specifications have been around for years, USB devices have just begun appearing in quantity.

Answered 7 hours ago. With high capacities available, a single unit easily holds full system backups for multiple computers.

BUSlink USB 2.0 Hi-speed External Hard Drive Uii-40 54e 40gb

If anything is missing, the software will make solid recommendations for how to achieve compliance. Answered on Nov 27, Ask a Question Usually answered in minutes! Incompatibilities are sometimes cropping up see sidebar for our own experience. Answered 8 hours ago. Despite all precautions you may take, anything left on an unattended system is vulnerable.