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Looking for help selecting a handheld USB digital microscope?

There is a large range of specialty scopes available with a Dino Lite digital microscope. The Dino-Lite digital handheld ear scope is a portable, easy to use, and yet light weight ear scope that por on the palm of your hands.

Purchasing the QX3 or Cino-lite for your child would be a good way of determining if your child has any interest in microscopic observation. Over the years, the Dino-Lite microscope series has evolved and expanded to better serve our customers, providing a wide range of solutions for professionals in a variety of industries. The resulted image is too clear, we can see each and every microzcope of butterfly very clearly and its very easy to use. AnMo designs handheld digital microscopes utilizing rotating lens technology.

Local pick-up services are currently unavailable.

USA Dino-Lite Digital Microscope Distributor

The Dino Lite Digital Microscope requires software to be downloaded to the computer and set up. Get yours, Order now!


The company has established an excellent reputation. Simple to operate and software can be downloaded from Dino-Lite’s website. Cash is only accepted for will-calls in-person. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon. The Dino-Lite AMT is a professional digital microscope which provides 10x — 50x magnification with an additional x setting when the microscope is directly above the object being observed.

Dino Lite Digital Microscope, A Handheld Magnifier for Professionals & Hobbyists

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Software is easy and convenient to load and use. Local pick-up services are currently This model also includes all the features in the DinoCapture 2.

Eyepiece Prp Attach to a stereo or compound microscope.

Dino Lite: Microscopes | eBay

At first glance this microscope looks more like a gadget than a useful professional instrument. The digita, allows the Dino-Lite to capture images, including time lapsed video, record audio associated with the image, annotate the image, and, on some models, allow for measurement and calibration of the image.

There are three standard series of Dino Lite microscopes. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Micro photography with the Dino-Lite digital microscope

The AMT comes complete with DinoCapture software or DinoXcope for Mac which enables you to capture images and videos, annotate them and also use measurement features. Accessories Stands, adapters, and lighting accessories designed for the Dino-Lite.


The measuring function allows you to input the magnification value from the microscopes zoom control. However, these portable instruments are used for industrial inspections and medical applications, in addition to being used by hobbyists and schools.

We look forward to dino-ite you find the perfect solution for your needs! Subscribe to our Newsletter. Scientific understanding changes over time. Ideal for educational use and Bioblitz events x p resolution 10x — 70x and x magnification Image capture digiyal included. This auction is valid for a dino lite pro digital microscope AMKC new not used with a portable micro lcd monitor, amazing product!!!!

Enter your first name in the box below 3. Offered by Dlgital Corporation, the QX3 and QX5 digital microscopes are both designed for children, and have no application for the more serious home hobbyist or professional.

Built in Micro Touch Trigger Button. Simply place the Iriscope to the eye and take a picture.