Other drivers most commonly associated with Edirol Pc 50 problems: After figuring that out, the Driver loaded exactly as it should, and is working perfectly with absolute stability. This option requires basic OS understanding. Cheers, Jerry Built by yours truely: Edirol Pc 50 was fully scanned at: Email Support Get your questions answered by a Roland product specialist.

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Amitte, you are a genius. Thanks – I’ve printed a copy of your OP out for future reference.

Edirol Pc 50 Driver Download

If not go to roland and download your last systems driver. Don’t sacre away your long time customers.

Method 2 Worked a treat! You may have to carefully scan the file and look for other lines that reference a windows build. I hope I could help you and have a nice day!

If you look at the. One side effect is that I now have a watermark saying “Test Mode Thanks for this I have a friend cista is running a V20 and I will try this on his Laptop. VanderHaeghe Max Output Level: Method 2 worked for me! Manolo, I would image that each individual device edirop. Steev Max Output Level: When Propmted with a warning just click install anyways.


They are worth much more than quick money you get from selling new devices.

Edirol Pc 50 2. I tried with the additional line for the VSC but it doesn’t work. Do not move this out or any other file in the folder! Select it and click “Open”. Switching to 48 Khz fixed the issue. Edirol Pc 50 A1. With both methods 1 and 2, pc-05 computer sees my Edirol UA and says that it’s working fine, but I still can’t get audio to come out of the speakers.

The ultimate guide to get your Roland/Edirol devices to work with Windows 10. [Updated]

I don’t know how you figured this out but thank you so much for sharing. It is at the last step where vista driver was not recognized. YouTube Channel This channel provides information of the Roland’s best quality electronic musical instruments.

Thread and YouTube each now Roland’s product support is desperately weak in regard to this. User Control Panel Log out.


Edirol Pc 50 Driver Download

I have my UA almost since visya day it came out and it is hands down the best and longest lasting sound card i have ever owned and it efirol still working like on day one. Step 4 shoutout to bpembo for the contribution of the commands: We do this to make sure all the other components like contol pannels or software interfaces are also installed on your system.

This is a rhetorical question, of course, now that Roland doesn’t live here anymore.

As we are experiencing, a simple alteration to the installer allows these Roland drivers to work as well as before. In the device manager you will have to look for a device named vissta to your hardware.