SCR control Phase angle firing typically degrades the power factor while increasing harmonics and electrical noise. Water Cooled Transformers Water Cooled transformers allow for several advantages in the system. The guidance of the element manufacturer should always be sought when in doubt. Read our latest case studies and Successes. The EPower controller uses the newest technologies and innovations to manage your process and reduce your energy costs. Open the catalog to page 9. With those transformers the power could only be controlled in several fixed and predefined steps and in many of these applications the transformers primary high voltage had to be switched off before the secondary taps could be switched.

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Power Control

These are applications, including two-zone furnaces and salt baths where, for supply reasons, energy for only two zones is taken equally as near as possible from the three phases of the supply.

On switching on, if the rms current is increased carefully from zero, the inrush problem will be overcome. The load tap changing system achieves a power factor of 0. Phase angle firing typically degrades the power factor while increasing harmonics and electrical thyrisgor. Standard Resistive Complex Resistive Inductive e.

If no precautions are taken then, one time in two, switching on will drive the transformer into saturation in the same direction, allowing excess current to flow. Unity power is rare! Figures 8 and 9, show the same output power ratings.

On every level it brings you the flexibility you need to best meet your requirements now and in the future. The thyristor part the high power element of these controllers are basically still the same, however, the latest digital micro electronics have taken over the part that controls these thyristors providing new ways of control, overall system efficiency improvements and increased precision.


A stepless transformer converts incoming high line voltage directly down to the boosting electrode at a maximum of Vac container glass applications. The benefits of two-leg versus three leg power control, in three phase heating applications.

Power modules are available in current ratings covering a range from A to A. Add to this, an absolute commitment to technological innovation, constant reinvestment in research and development, and a team of dedicated experts who understand your problems and processes; we can and do imagine making the impossible possible for our customers.

For this reason, Scott transformers are often wound with five limbs when used with thyristors. Let us look after your power control for you and give you the peace of mind that you have the best for your process – even as it changes. Open the catalog to page 5.

Thyristors and Transformers

If the B-H curve of Figure 1 is considered, it is a matter of chance where on the curve, thus the magnetic state of the transformer, the equipment is left on disconnection. Trade name for latter is Kanthal Super. Two-leg vs thtristor power control white paper HA Iss 2. This can occur where secondaries are not, in fact, galvanically isolated. Fast cycle switching is considerably faster than any electromechanical device and can dramatically extend the life expectancy of resistive The main disadvantage is that the slide-wires are subject to wear, especially in those applications where they are used to control constantly incoming line fluctuations or the boosting system is used to control the glass temperature.

Eurothfrm sub systems can be fully standardized and will always and at every site use the same intermediary voltage supplied by the high voltage step down transformer which adapts the whole boosting system to the incoming line voltage.

The benefits of two-leg versus three leg power control, in three phase heating applications. Before high power variable transformers became available, multiple tapped transformers were used Figure 1. In single phase, two leg control of 3 wire 3 phase systems, or true three phase models, they provide an ideal alternative for electromechanical contactors or mercury switches. For whatever reason, whether it is because the transformer is lightly loaded or the third harmonic content is low at the normal working point, or a combination of other factors, these systems emphasise that the rules concentrating the third harmonic are only guidelines.


By adding several taps to the transformer with a dedicated SCR for each tap, together with overlapping firing orders, systems are capable of running at an increased power factor over a much larger range when using phase angle firing. There are many installations which have been running without problems for years which do not employ a delta.

The distance between the transformer and the furnace is therefore relatively long. Designers are still required to exercise considerable caution when working with loads which are other than purely resistive, however, as experience of control using burst firing techniques in the primary of transformers is still limited. With phase angle firing, the power factor decreases rapidly with output power.

EPowerâ„¢ Controller – The Future of Power Control

Join us on Facebook. These products can take inputs from discrete controllers and plcs and have a wide range of full wave, half wave and phase angle firing modes to suit all load types.

SCR control Phase angle firing typically degrades the power factor while increasing harmonics and electrical noise.