Martin, I have these two WWNs for this server: It has helped me. The opinions expressed above are the personal opinions of the authors, not of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. As long as your zoning is correct and CV see’s the other hosts it should show up there too. Or is there anything I can install to troubleshoot the communication between these two? BTW, I am not sure, but in my opinion the issue is at the Host level. Not the product you are looking for?

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The MPIO is installed. I called HP, and they replaced hsv20 batteries for the controllers, and that was it Thanks for the reply, Martin. My understanding hs2v00 that I need to add the one that appears in the switchshow result, no?

I usually do everything from the Web admin Gui and just go to the zoning page. If they do not show up after deleting them, then there is a problem with the zoning.

All the WWNs are assigned correct.

I did that and no luck. Contact Email us Tell us what you think. I really don’t know what else I can do: Create a Zone member alias ie.


Host Bus Adapter 0: I am a litle confuse about the WWN. Only thing i can think of is that the wwn’s in CV are old and not really available. So, should I start looking into the Switches configuration?

Could you please point me to the right driver for it, just to make sure I have the right one? Just click this link, this will forward you to the hpe. Don’t forgot to close out this Thread and thanks for assigning Points! The Host on CV is hsv020 same as the Server name, and the same as the Alias on the San switches I’m not hwv200 about the relevance of this, but I just want to give you all the details I have Also, the Fiber cables are good Is there anything else I can do here?

Slot 2 PCI bus 11, device 0, function 1 Hav200 However, I still can’t see the hev200 after I preset the Host. Martin, I appreciate all your help I’m pretty sure I would have had some issues withouth them.

Did you install the HBA driver on the Server? Jp, is under the Host, and I selected the Windows one, because I’m running Windows server on all the servers. Please ask the forum!


HP Hsv200-b Controller AD525C for Eva4000

Here are more details: Ok, here is what I’ve done: I installed already the 3rd driver for it. I’he never thought that those batteries could cause the VDISK presentation to fell, withouth throwing any errors.

Online Host Bus Adapter 1: If they do show up, then sounds like the zoning is good. Now I have to preset the disk to a hoast, but the server does not see any disk.

HP ADB HP – HSV Controller Pair – EVA

Just go to whichever switch the MSL is plugged hsv2000. You could double check that the Server HBA’s are logged into the switch fabric by logging into both switches and check the nameserver. For such old links to hp.