Mechanical Switch Closure 2. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Endpoint 3 is only used to send stream data from the U3 to the host. Hi I am trying to create a simple program to drive a stepper motor a certain number of steps with a time delay after each movement. Are you using a particular LabJack? What can I try? You want to get a stepper controller, and then use the U3 to send a pulse-per-step to the controller.

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The package contains a set of general utility functions for use with all LabJack UD devices, U3, U6, and Labjack labview, along with the following three applications incorporating the toolkit: User menu Login Register Cart Contact.

LabVIEW Examples for U12 – Windows

Mechanical Switch Closure 2. Is it correct that I load labjack labview into an Add, then execute the Go and Get functions, for each pass through the loop? The handle is obtained from the OpenLabJack function.

For pricing information, contact Interface Innovations at: Start labjack labview “U3 eDI Example. User menu Login Register Cart Contact.

LabVIEW for LJM – Windows | LabJack

All sub-VIs are in lzbview archive. I am using an 8 wire stepper labjack labview with unipolar configuration. I’ll have a look down the Linux track should I have too labjack labview more problems. Warranty, Liability, Compliance 1.


Am I right in thinking that this version just won’t run on Win7, in which case maybe you could consider updating? Message 3 of I just want the output data from Labvieww, maybe readings and take an average of them. Also check out labjack labview Differential Analog Inputs Labjack labview Note as many common mistakes are made with differential inputs, and most signals labjafk those from bridge circuits are naturally single-ended and should be acquired that way.

The U3 is more capable labjack labview The U3 is more capable than the U12 for making pulses.

If labjack labview do not wire anything to NumFrames, or pass labjack labview, this signals the VI to use the size of aNames or aAddresses to determine the number of frames. Additionally, we provide all the software you need to get the most out of labajck LabJack.

Is it possible to have an Hi! I have two basic setups to achieve.

Did you notice from Section 2. The same program was working with a couple lavjack U3 and it worked fine. It labjaxk have been helpful if you just writted one or two sentences for each VI to introduce their use. Download the source files from labjack labview page http: You want to get a stepper controller, and then use the U3 to send a pulse-per-step to the controller. Or just look at “U6 easy Stream Full.


It is probably possible labjack labview control your stepper by using a U3 to control discrete transistors or solid-state relays which energize the phases in the proper sequence, but no one does labjack labview.

LabJack Utilities – Interface Innovations – National Instruments

Every LabJack is backed by our free Legendary Support, for life. I need to use LabJack U12 with labview but i am labjack labview.

With labjack labview technique you give the drive a list of requests to labjak Addexecute the list Goand read the results of each request Get. After each movement I intend to take a potential reading with a probe that is connected to threaded rod over a charged metal plate. Start a forum topic if labjack labview need more help with that.

That didn’t seem to have any effect.

labjack labview Perhaps there is a conflict on your system which is preventing the LV 7. You can operate the VI in a Standard Mode, which queries the specified interface on each execution, or Express Mode, where a device information cluster is passed.