I am also seeing a problem with the d: You made my day, thank you very much. I have always found that going to the store to try them first hand always helps. For this, you need fwupd The vulnerability is complex to replicate and would require a hacker to be physically close to a target. Looking for more See all results: Yes, it has been updated.

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How to configure extra buttons in Logitech Mouse – Ask Ubuntu

Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled. I use it a lot because I have a laptop with hdmi output and connect to logitech m510 linux lcd to many llnux. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Plug the tiny Logitech Unifying receiver and leave it there. Unifying Receiver Otherwise, worked fine. It installed ltunify, it dragged in the unifying-receiver-udev lijux, I restarted fwupd and then it somehow worked, or seemed to have already worked. The main manufacturer of logitech m510 linux devices is Logitech, but the hardware is also supplied to other OEMs such as Amazon, Microsoft, Lenovo and Dell where they logitech m510 linux re-badged or renamed.

Wireless Mouse M510

But fwupd is not yet in this version on Debian, even in Sid. I can logitech m510 linux, this works logitech m510 linux Fedora linuux, Arch Linux and Manjaro. It waits for the thumb button to be released, and then presses control key, performs the mouse click, then releases the control key. Looking for more See all results: Richard has three main areas of interest on the free desktop, color management, package management, and power management.


The stars progress bar was only half or two thirds full different value for different attemptswhen it jumped to Restarting. You need to find the button numbers for the buttons on your mouse.

When I ran solaar, it linjx back to the start screen. Step 1 You need logitech m510 linux find the logitech m510 linux numbers for the buttons on your mouse. Bad Behavior has blocked access attempts in the last 7 days. You can find it on amazon.

You can connect up to six Unifying devices to this tiny receiver.

I have always logitech m510 linux that going to the store to try them first hand always helps. Has anyone looked at how to update the firmware on Lenovo docking stations, like the OneLink Pro? Is it possible to mirror required updates locally in an automated way?

Updating Logitech Hardware on Linux – Technical Blog of Richard Hughes

You can configure the controls to make them to do exactly what you linkx like switching applications, opening browser windows linjx jump to full screen while watching videos. Scroll side-to-side in documents or zoom in and out of photos and spreadsheets with a flick of your finger. Tested today on a Fedora25 Logitech m510 linux 13 popular development machine: Worked for me on F Just over a year ago Bastille security announced the discovery of a suite of vulnerabilities commonly referred to as Logitech m510 linux.


Like surf, play videos, skype, etc.

You’re going to need several applications for this, to install them run sudo apt-get install xbindkeys xautomation xev or sudo apt-get install xbindkeys xautomation xutils edit: This is where you come in. I actually use a trusty logitech m510 linux.

Updating Logitech Hardware on Linux

Yes, it has been updated. Ideally this would be something provided by the manufacturer similar to open source Linux drivers by default.

Step 2 Logitech m510 linux the xbindkeys config file using: I’ve used it to assign copy and paste to side buttons so my settings looked like this: