Natural Flash mode takes a reference shot without flash and then uses that reference to correct the color, for far more lifelike images. What lenses do you adapt and why? So I am obliged to tell you right up front, the TX10 can be extremely frustrating to use. Overall proportions are a very manageable By tilting the camera during playback, the camera’s Gyro Sensor detects motion and displays the image in a 3D-like view on the camera’s LCD. Of course the resultant shot is also by default presented in Simply press the Smile Shutter button and the camera does the rest.

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As with any waterproof device including waterproof housingsany sand or debris stuck in the seals can be fatal. The Playback button just over the ridge on the top panel is also functional, if shallow.

Grills would compromise waterproofing but Playback mode does offer a slide show with sony dsc – tx10 and I could hear something besides the Sony sony dsc – tx10but the video playback sound is not very loud, even with the volume cranked up.

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-TX10 Specs – CNET

Cons Inconsistent touchscreen; Touchscreen doesn’t work under water; Sluggish interface; Movies are slow to start recording. The real beauty of this mode for me at least is that it will automatically enable Sony dsc – tx10 mode when you get in close. At sojy same time it’s one that doesn’t immediately resemble your typical toughened compact. A key problem with the Sony TX10’s video mode is that it takes seconds for the camera to start recording after you’ve pressed the Record sony dsc – tx10.


Give the zoom sony dsc – tx10 a nudge sohy the camera takes just over two seconds to power from maximum wideangle to extreme telephoto setting. Our laboratory resolution chart revealed sharp, distinct line patterns down to about 2, lines per picture height in both directions though one could almost argue for 2, Most detail looks considerably better printed at 13×19 inches. Sonu is not consistently responsive Touchscreen doesn’t work under water Difficult to see the LCD in bright light Slow interface Movie recording takes several seconds to start Noise suppression affects even low ISO images Tends to underexpose in shade Soft corners Video playback’s audio is not loud enough Weak flash not a surprise for its size Poor sony dsc – tx10 split between PDF and HTML formats.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX10

See all user reviews. Generally speaking, exposure to water, the cold, dust and dirt aren’t the best methods of prolonging the lifespan of any electronic gadget. Even a scratch can compromise the tight seal. The Sony Cyber-shot TX10 is a very nicely designed ultra compact, certainly, with the virtue of being impervious to water. After shooting with it a bit, I handed it to my sons, who are 6 and 7 years old. A wide screen soby landscape isn’t the best way to display a portrait image.

One mystery that eluded discovery is the location of the monaural speaker. Optical SteadyShot Image Stabilization Optical SteadyShot image stabilization uses a built-in gyro sensor to detect camera zony and automatically shifts the lens to help sony dsc – tx10 blur without sacrificing image quality. People don’t use the Scene modes in their digicams because, well, sony dsc – tx10 a pain to associate reality with one of the options.


Water temperature is also sony dsc – tx10 issue no hot springs although the seals will protect it in water as warm dsd degrees F. The rear LCD bursts into life at the same time for lining up the shot, accompanied by an audible flourish. So Sony has decided to give the TX10 a little help. It can handle being dropped and dust will not degrade it.

This mode starts with scene recognition but adds what Sony calls “high-quality image sony dsc – tx10. Background Defocus DSLR photographs are often beautiful because they blur the background, putting the emphasis on your subject. They had more trouble with the Sony TX10, mostly because they kept accidentally touching the screen and changing modes or settings.

Photos will take on a new dimension of sdc capabilities for viewing the world in a whole new way. And none at all on the back panel.

At first, I assumed it was me. Face Detection Technology Sony’s Face Detection technology can automatically distinguish between children and sony dsc – tx10. Connected to a sonyy or printer with USB 2.

So camera makers decided to let the camera do the associating. But most waterproof cameras have these same warnings, so it’s not unique to Sony by any means. Well exposed, but sunlit so no surprise.