That in an of itself was plenty to pique my curiosity. The original Power Pod suffered the same problem with hands being forced high at address. Every now and then I come across a golf club that offers something a little bit different from everything else in the industry. That fact, however, is not unique to the PowerPod II. Mine has a steel shaft. It almost goes without saying that none of our testers were itching to bag the PowerPod II.

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Some of that is probably inherent to the design, some of it comes from TigerShark, in my opinion anyway, taking things a bit too far with the design. We accept tuger cards through PayPal.

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Paint it white, paint it glossy black, either would have been fine. Goggle it and you find some photos and there tiger shark powerpod ii always a few on sale at eBay.

A few of our testers found themselves trying all sorts of weird things mostly raising their arms to try and adjust how the club looks tiger shark powerpod ii address. I agree, this thing looks like a huge hook waiting to happen.

Apr 21, 15 Whark.

We hear similar nearly every day in one form or another from nearly every OEM in the marketplace today. One tester, Mark, rated it an 8, however; not a single other tester rated it above a 5. I tiger shark powerpod ii the original Powerpods were made specificly with stronomic like some putter inserts for the face and back.


TigerShark PowerPod II – REVIEW

I almost always have to tell them to stop. I personally gave it an 8.

The performance numbers are solid, but our subjective results tell us that TigerShark has a long road ahead of them as far as convincing golfers that they need a PowerPod II in their bag. You all need to stop smelling your own farts. Based on your first photo of the club tiger shark powerpod ii positionI have a hard time believing that thing has a square face angle.

This is, to a large extent, this is exactly why we publish out of scores for every category. If I guy has to ask me 2 or tiger shark powerpod ii times how many more shots he has to hit, I know with virtual certainty that the LOP score is going to be low.

Tony believes that golfers deserve to know what’s tiger shark powerpod ii and what’s not, and that means MyGolfSpy’s equipment coverage must extend beyond the so-called facts as tigfr by the same companies that created them. The link below is to a photo of the original. The Hammer is an unmitigated piece of garbage.

Mark rated it an 9. My LOP was pretty high but after your review it jumped to They did hit the ball very far, tiger shark powerpod ii direction was the problem.

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It also had a plastic face which had a soft feel but terrible on mishits. Learn how your comment data is processed. It is the kind of club I would find myself wishing that it hits well.

I hit The Hammer almost as tiger shark powerpod ii as my current 21 degree hybrid, and that sadly is not an exaggeration.

Detailed data for each and every shot for which we collected data is now viewable in the interactive portion of this review. As we said piwerpod the review, the PowerPod II is a solid, though not extraordinary performer, whose design is clearly going to limit its market impact. About all our testers could say about the feel of tiger shark powerpod ii PowerPod II is that feels better than it looks.

ULTIMATE REVIEW! – TigerShark PowerPod II

We hate to beat up ppowerpod the TigerShark guys too much. Sign me up for the newsletter. Mine has a steel shaft. It almost goes without saying that we find the fact that only a single loft This big guy wants to hit that funny club again.