If your battery or the plastic housing it is in has any physical deformities bumps, bulges , remove the battery and stop use immediately. If the problem is no longer present and you are able to output the display to the external monitor, your LCD screen is broken and will need to be replaced. Asking for support for a Toshiba computer on a HP forum is by definition being a bit of a jerk. If your computer powers on and the keyboard is still malfunctioning, you have a different issue. It is so frustrating because you would think there was someone out there who could tell me why I have no sound.

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Too many programs might be running in the background of your computer. This topic has been archived.

While this is sounr common problem, it may not actually be a hard drive problem but a problem with the OS. Message 6 of 6.

If your laptop hinge is broken and your computer won’t come out of sleep mode try pressing the power button to wake your computer up. For some potential advice: If the computer can boot up without the battery with only the power cord plugged in, the power problems lie with your battery. The only other way is to unscrew the computer and dig as deep as you need to, in order to find the actual chips with hopefully the markings on it, that give you the info you need.


If you have tried this command and you hoshiba cannot output sound, you may have an issues with the actual speakers. l3005

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Make sure that you close all the easily visible programs that you have running. Message 2 of 6. By using this site, you accept the Terms of Use and Rules of Participation. If you are going to replace you hard drive, you will need to purchase a 2. If all the letters you’re typing are capitalized, press the “Caps Lock” key. sqtellite

If your screen is dimly lit or has a light pink hue or the light, the CCFL tube may have to be replaced. If your computer does not recognize the hard drive, you will have to open your bios during the computer’s start up.

I am sooooo tired of trying the same thing over and over in order to get sound on my Toshiba Satellite laptop. Adding more RAM will allow you to run more programs simultaneously without a decrease in performance. Select Playback devices 3. Another suggestion is to see if your speakers are muted sond the bottom left corner of your screen.

Probably the only way to do that is through visiual confirmation, but that can be tricky. Having too many programs open can slow down your computer. This problem can be easily fixed satellitf replacing your battery with a new one. If the letters you type continue to come out capitalized, you likely have a damaged Caps Lock key. And yes, every external switch, volume control etc I can find is turned on.


If so, your problem may lie with the power systems of the laptop. If your battery or the plastic housing it is in has any physical deformities bumps, bulgesremove the battery and stop use immediately. Message 5 of 6. To ensure there is no problem with your motherboard, connect your laptop to an external monitor. Is the computer’s battery capacity much smaller than it used to be?

Toshiba Satellite L S Notebook Troubleshooting – iFixit

It is so frustrating because you would think there was someone out there who could tell me why I have no sound. Before you can be sure, check to see the screen brightness setting for your computer by moving your cursor to the lower right segment of the screen.

Make sure there are no external speakers or audio devices plugged into the computer. I am at my wits end. If you can indeed tozhiba something like a serial number or type indication with the use of hardware info software, than you could work from that as well.

This command is supposed to unmute the audio output of the laptop. Turn off your laptop.