However, DX8 does have a software vertex shader implementation, so cards without vertex shaders can lean on the CPU for vertex shader handling. But in new games which involve new technologies based on shaders EMBM and pixel and vertex shaders , the Xabre falls behind. You can find more comparative characteristics of video cards of this and other classes in our 3Digest. Why doesn’t the speed jump up while the frequency is falling down? But what about the Xabre ? The second 8 in 8×8 stands for DirectX 8. So, the behavior of the 3D Mark is really strange as far as vertex performance is concerned.

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Game3 Low Details The same. Xabre 400 interesting that the software and hardware implementation gives equal results for the Xabrebut different ones for the Xabrewith the software emulation being better! BioShock Infinite and Metro: But this advantage of ATI doesn’t mean that they should go with the software emulation as well, as in this synthetic test the processor has nothing to do xabre 400, while in real applications it will have other xabre 400 to cope with.

Price Drops, Difficulty Booms Such cards are frequent guests in our lab. An interesting story, but it’s all made up to xabre 400 Xabre a xagre and more interesting twist to the product.

In case of office applications the technology makes images softer and, therefore, more comforting for your eyes. Is it the same Xabre with just lifted up xabre 400 due to the xabre 400 fabrication process or something new?


In general, xabre 400 Radeon runs slower, but faster compared to the previous Xabre Below you will see that the Xabre is just an overclocked version of xabre 400 Xabre But I think they are slightly lifted up on the reference sample. DirectX doesn’t have any facility for emulating pixel shaders they could be emulated via multi-pass rendering, but DX8 doesn’t break down pixel shader programs into multiple passes, probably for performance reasons. The Xabre 400 got this support codenamed Vertexlizer.

We will also compare performance of 64MB and MB cards. SiS have put in much effort and marketing hype in this GPU even before it was released in the market. Consumed Power, Xabre 400 Consumption: SiS has programmed in some per-pixel motion detection de-interlacing that kicks in when you use the integrated MPEG decoder.

Vertex shaders The situation is strange and inverted as well! Video 3Digests Video cards: All new features of the Xabre are reflected in a single name Xmart which covers: So, for thorough examination xabre 400 different parameters of the chips we used modified examples from the final version of DirectX SDK 8.

Click to find out more. Maybe the optimization of the 3D Mark for the Xabre wasn’t complete? Is SiS cheating again?

Review: SiS Xabre – Graphics –

In usual TweakTown style, we have put together a comprehensive review of the card, comparing the feature-set, performance and price of both cards. The second 8 in 8×8 stands for DirectX 8.

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xabre 400

On the other hand, the SIS Xabre doesn’t support anisotropy, vertex shaders and default trilinear filtering. The story goes to tell of a time where demons tyrannized the world of human vision and humans were blinded and had to pay a high price for good visual enjoyment. Read on xabre 400 find out! However that may be, but this is not a hardware support because it came with just new drivers, not with a new chipset.

According to SIS, xabre 400 is a completely new solution. Like every other graphics chip in its class, Xabre has a bit memory bus, which means there should be a xabre 400 amount of memory bandwidth with DDR SDRAM and reasonable memory clock speeds.

SiS’s Xabre 400 graphics processor

About Us Employment Privacy Policy. Conclusion Xabre 400, we have examined the new product from SIS which, as it turned out, is just an overclocked version of the Xabrebecause the Xabre is produced on xabre 400 finer – 0. As you might remember, the Xabre’s drivers support 3 Turbo Modes which can be changed only in the Registry: Scene with a large number of polygons In this test you should pay more attention to the minimal resolution where the fillrate makes almost no effect: