Cases Damping Viewing page 1 of 7 pages. Zalman’s HD home cinema case will change the way you think about living room media centre PCs forever! When building a Home Theatre PC, cooling of the installed components is a very important consideration, as well as how much noise they produce. So, needless to say, the build process to a little longer, and required a little more wrist action, than I had expected. There is also a volume control knob on the front of the case if you want to turn things down.

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zalman hd160 Zalman have addressed both these zalman hd160 with some very clever design work! The case is built close to the “4U” standard, standing 7″ tall, and 6.

So, needless to say, the build process to a little longer, and required a little more wrist action, than I had expected.

All Aluminum Based Chassis – The entire chassis consists of aluminum unlike other enclosures that solely use aluminum for the front panel. Which is faster, dual-core G zalman hd160 quad-core iT?

Top air vent introduces cool air into the system. What our customers say about us 4.

A few years ago having a PC sat next to your TV recording zalman hd160, playing back movies or music was both uncommon and difficult to achieve. There are also two grilles on the side of the zalman hd160. The front of the case has a display which shows the time and date, or information on any media that is currently playing, and it serves as a receiver for the Windows Media Center remote, which is also included.


Cooler air is brought into the case to aid zalman hd160 the graphics card. Image showing airflow direction around CPU.

Zalman HD HTPC Enclosure and W Power Supply Review | PC Perspective

The basket depends on cookies and is enhanced by JavaScript. There are also two grilles on zalman hd160 side of zalmab case. Newsletter Sign Up Register now for the latest products and special offers!

The first thing you will notice zalman hd160 that the roof of the case has a fan grille which zalan be easily opened and closed.

The HD is a home theatre PC case packed full of features. There are currently people zalman hd160. I think that most computer enthusiasts today, myself included, have gotten pretty spoiled with all of the “easy open” cases and the “tool-less case builds.

I have the PC set inside a large zalman hd160 of my desk. The grille adjacent to the PSU is in a very useful position because when used in conjunction with a power supply which has a mm fan, it allows cold air to gd160 taken into the PSU instead of it using the warmer air inside the case. Published Zalman HD Specifications. When zalman hd160 comes to selecting a suitable optical drive it is important to choose one that fits!


Items zlaman are bought by us when a purchase is made, this generally is for highly expensive items, items with a very slow run rate or speciality items.

Traditionally, zalman hd160 problem with home theatre-style zalman hd160 is that it has been difficult to get a LCD and IR receiver mounted internally so that they both use the same window on the front of the case, eliminating ugly “add-on” external IR receivers. Packaged for retail merchandising. Cases Damping Viewing page 1 of 7 pages. Overall, this is a pretty impressive HTPC case. Zalman makes yet another stunning case, but instead of crazy heatpipes and passive ud160 we get integrated zalnan.

Arctic BioniX F and F zalman hd160. The supplied remote control is MCE and Vista compatible.

DV Hardware review – Zalman HD160 HTPC Case

Most HTPCs arent set up to yd160 do gaming. There is also a volume control zalman hd160 on the front of the case if you want to turn things down manually. This helps zalman hd160 keep the temperature of the PSU down which is a good idea when you consider that most quiet PSUs work on the basis of a temperature-controlled fan.

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